One of the priorities at Gober is customer service. Always serve you better is our motto.

You can send us your orders, quotes, or other documents by email or fax, 24/7.

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Shipping Service

Gober has a policy of offering the best delays according to your needs, and this, in  the following wood species: cherry, oak, maple, and white birch.

For all other wood species, a verification will have to be made beforehand for the availability.

Customer Service (Quotes and Orders)

We reserve a delay of at least 4 hours to do your quote and to send it back to you with a shipping date.

Payment Policy

For the first order, (if the opening of an account has not been completed and approved) 50% must be paid before production begins, and the total balance must be paid before delivery by VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.

You may request to open an account with our credit service, which will establish the conditions of payment. If this procedure has not been completed for previous orders, the same conditions will apply: 50% must be paid before production begins and the total balance must be paid before delivery by VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.

Since all of our accounts are insured, it is possible that the insurance company contacts you and requests certain documents before your account is opened.


Following approval of the regular order, customers have up to 24 hours to make a change on their order. The customer will have to pay an extra charge after the period mentioned, and this will result in an extension of the deadline.

Example: Approval Monday 3:00pm—Change before Tuesday 3:00pm

Returns / Replacements

In order to improve our products, we need a detailed description when replacing an item or an order. You will have to keep the items in order for a sales representative to examine them during his/her next visit.

If a mistake is made on your order by someone on our team, or if your order is damaged during transportation, we will replace the products at no charge and as fast as we can depending on the situation.

Doors with a veneer center are not guaranteed against the shading off of color that could occur between the panel and the stiles and rails in hard wood. The veneer will not absorb the wiping stain the same way as the solid wood. The shifting of the solid wood and veneer is not considered to be damaged. The use of spray stain is recommended for more consistence.


We believe our sanding to be ready for finishing. However, we strongly suggest you to re-sand our products according to your own methods, so you can reach your degree of satisfaction.

Gober is not responsible for the quality of your finishing products. Therefore, we encourage you to make a preliminary finishing test before applying the finishing on our products.

Gober Warranty

All Gober products come with a warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of two years.

Our warranty does not cover any aspect of installation, the finishing, and the delivery charges. Or delivery time. This two-year warranty does not cover damages incurred from improper handling. A 40% humidity level is recommended. Gober is not accountable for any finishing product.

We believe that the quality of our customer service is as important as the quality of our product. In the event that, in spite of our best efforts, a defective product is delivered to you, we promise to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Gober reserves the right to determine whether damage or a flaw is a manufacturing defect. If, after inspection by our representative, it is proven to be our responsibility, we will repair or replace the merchandise as soon as possible.

The relevant standards for door warping are the following:

  • Doors that range from 15 to 30 inches have a tolerance of 1/8 inches.
  • Doors that range from 30 1/16 to 48 inches have a tolerance of 3/16 inches.
  • Doors that range from 48 1/6 and more have a tolerance of 1/14 inches.

All components with a width of more than 24 inches must be ordered with a central post for the warranty to be valid.

Doors exceeding 50” in height ordered without a center rail, are not covered by our warranty. Adding a center rail gives you greater stability. A door with a height of more than 50” can be produced without a center rail, but no warranty will be applicable in this case.

Components with a 45 ° assembly allow a 0.010 in. (.254mm) joint gap wood expansion.

Take note that there is no warranty on joints for opaque finishes. Mitered doors do not come with a warranty against joint division that occurred because of a high level of humidity or a humid environment. Opaque finishes or paints are not recommended on mitered doors. Therefore, we recommend a 5 piece model in MDF.