Frequenty Asked Questions

At Gober, we want your experience with us to be as simple as possible.

How does the catalogue work?

  1. Stile and rail models are separated into sections
    1. a. 90◦ models p.45 to 111
    2. b. 45◦ models p.119 to 197
  2. Framing beads and edge profile are separated in two sections
    1. a. Framing beads p.3 to 9
    2. b. Edge profiles p.36 to 44
  3. All panels are separated into categories in the Profiles section
    1. a. Reverse panels/with grooves p.12-13, 22 to 24
    2. b. Center panels p.14 to 21, p. 25-26
    3. c. Veneer panels p.27-28
  4. Wainscots have their own section
    1. a. P. 199 to 208
  5. Our section Specialty Products contains the following:
    1. a. Special frame models p.209 to 219
    2. b. Oven frames p.222 to 225
    3. c. Fillers p.226 to 240
    4. d. Valances p.243 to 246
    5. e. Wood supports p.247 to 260
    6. f. Wood posts p.261 to 297
    7. g. Range hoods p.298 to 300
    8. h. Wine racks p.301 to 305
    9. i. Dovetail drawers p.306 to 313
  6. Mouldings are separated in categories in their section
    1. a. Crown mouldings p.315 to 354
    2. b. Shade mouldings p.355 to 365
    3. c. Toe board mouldings p.366 to 371
    4. d. Corner mouldings p.372 to 375
    5. e. Applied mouldings p.376 to 379
    6. f. Accent trim mouldings p.380 to 383
    7. g. Countertop edge mouldings, scribe mouldings, beaded mouldings p.384 to 391
  7. Our Cutting Boards are in the Promotional Items section
    1. a. P.393-394

What information do I need to put on my order slip?

  1. Wood species and grade: To see all our available species, you can visit the Wood Species section
  2. Stile and rail model: the width of stile and rail you want and whether it is a 90◦ or 45◦ assembly *If it is a 45◦ assembly, the number of the model (p.119 to 197)
  3. Framing bead: We have over 35 framing beads available (p.3 to 9))
  4. Edge profile: We have more than 100 edge profiles available (p. 36 to 44)
  5. Panel model: Here are the different categories:
    1. Reverse panels (Reversed solid panels, some with grooves) (p.12-13, 22 to 24)
    2. Veneer panels (p.30-31)
    3. Center panels  (Solid and MDF center panels) (p.14 to 21, 28-29)
  6. Related products such as glass frames, oven frames, mouldings, posts, etc. You can add these at the end of your order and making sure that the desired product is well identified.

What is the difference between a panel P, S, V, and M?

Panels P and S are solid wood panels. Panel M is an MDF panel, and panel V is a veneer panel.

Exemple :

  • P-07 and S-01 – solid reversed panels
  • M-07 – reversed MDF panel
  • V-01 –  ¼ veneer panel