Gober Quality

The Gober Quality seal is recognized as an unparalleled symbol in the industry.

Gober… A name that has been synonymous with quality and elegance for more than 30 years.

In the hands of our craftsmen, the nobility and warmth of the wood that we use is evoked as it bares its soul. Natural wood is the primary material used to make our cupboard doors, and it combines with each individual’s unique personality to create an exclusive cachet for each kitchen, the heart of every home.

We are very pleased to present to you this latest edition of our catalogue and our web site. It has been prepared with great enthusiasm. As you look through the pages, you will discover our extensive line of products, manufactured in Eastern Canada, which we hope will help to spread our passion across North America.

We invite you to admire them and let your imagination carry you away. When you choose Gober, you will find more than just a manufacturer, you will find an attentive partner who will help to solidify your vision and remain loyal to your plans. In terms of our wooden components, let us know your needs, and we will satisfy them all.

In addition, the Gober Quality seal is recognized as an unparalleled symbol in the industry. It was created to personify the excellence of the products that we manufacture at our facilities, which cover more than 30,000 square feet. Our one-of-a-kind two-year limited warranty also attests to the quality of our products.

On behalf of my dedicated team, I am delighted to extend to you a heartfelt invitation to discover the true meaning of the Gober Quality seal that we are so proud of.

Richard Berube